The Akubra Stylemaster in Green, Mid-Brown and Black

The Stylemaster is a hit. For a new hat, it has sold quite well. Over the past few months, we’ve had a large number of requests for different colors. Although David Morgan is currently only stocking the carbon gray, there are two North American retailers who sell the hat in black, mid-brown and green. ( pictures below )


1027 8th Ave S, Nashville TN 37203

(615) 491-9009

Hatwrks sells the hat in black.


John Helmer Haberdasher

969 Southwest Broadway,Portland, OR 97205

(503) 223-4976


John sells the hat in carbon gray, mid-brown and green.



Byrnie Utz Hats

310 Union St

(between 3rd Ave & 4th Ave)

Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 623-0233


Byrnie sells the hat in black and mid-brown.



Stylemaster - black

Stylemaster – black

Stylemaster - green

Stylemaster – green


Stylemaster - mid brown

Stylemaster – mid-brown



Give them a call or drop in their store. They’ll be glad to help!