The Perfect Little Gift

We know how hard it is to find just the right little gift for someone. It should be high quality, but not too expensive. And it needs to stand out. We’ve got many different items for you to give this Christmas that hits the spot.








Our totems are reproductions of the Haida originals. They are made with a natural resin composite that has the heft and finish of the originals.


Price Range: $15 to $21.

Eagle King 

Eagle king totem

Raven Queen

Raven queen totem



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Fingerless Gloves




The soft pointed ends and hollow core of possum fur provide an extremely light, soft and luxurious fiber, making these knitted gloves extremely warm for their weight. State of the art knitting technology is used to create a glove with no seams to bind or rub against your fingers. Made of 40% possum fur, 50% Merino wool and 10% nylon.


Possum Open Finger Gloves, Charcoal 

Charcoal fingerless gloves.


Price: $22.00


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Pewter jewelry




Our pewter jewelry is lead free and made by Canadian company, Frederick Design. The pieces are designed by various artists, including native Canadians from both coastal and interior tribes.



Hummingbird pendant


Orca Earrings


Snow Goose Pin


PF522 Inukshuk Pendant

Inukshuk Pendant


Price range: $16 to $20



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