Who Says Fedoras Are Only for Men?

There’s no question that Akubras look classic and stylish on men. But they also look great on women! We’ve already mentioned The Hampton, but other hats look great, too. We have several open-crown hats that you can crease yourself, or keep them uncreased, such as with The Adventurer, below. Our open-crown hats include The Sydney, The Bushman and The Slouch.


The Adventurer, in black.



If you’re looking for a straw hat, our Gambler has a telescope crown, which you may find more interesting than our straw fedoras.



The Gambler

WESA 2013 a Great Success!

The Western and English Sales Association convention in Denver was a tremendous success. This year, Alex and Mike took reins of the booth. They met a few of our vendors and met some new wholesale customers that we’ll be excited to do business with.



denver hotel room


Denver from the hotel room. It’s a cold day for those of us from Seattle! Temps down to zero at night.

denver at night

Denver Federal Building at night.

fire dance

The fashion show begins with a fire dance.

fashion show

Fashion Show

fashion show

Fashion Showfashion show

Fashion Showfashion show

Fashion Showdowntown denver

Downtown Denver

mike long oval

Mike makes a long oval

david morgan booth

The David Morgan booth

just one beer

Just one beer will do

bc hats

Edward Strozier and Will Conner from BC Hats


Dinner companions: BC Hats, Shady Brady Hats and Akubra Hatsalex at booth

Alex watching the booth