Our Retailers Carry Different Styles of Akubras

While we carry 21 different styles of Akubra Hats, we can’t carry them all. Fortunately there are retailers throughout North America that carry other styles. Below is a list of retailers in the US and Canada, along with the additional Akubra styles they carry.


In the US:


Byrnie Utz, Seattle; (206) 623-0233

  • Stylemaster in Black
  • Campdraft in Silverbelly
  • Flinders in Fawn and Black (limited quantity)


John Helmer, Portland, OR; (503) 223-4976

  • Stylemaster in Green (discontinued by Akubra, limited stock.)


Alcala, Chicago; (312) 226-0152

  • Snowy River in Loden (Brown)


Hatwrks, Nashville; (615) 491-9009

  • Campdraft in Silverbelly
  • Squatter in Fawn
  • Stylemaster in Black
  • Pastoralist in Green
  • Stockman in Gray


JJ Hats, New York; (212) 239-4368

  • Campdraft in Silverbelly and Taupe Fawn





Australia Shop, Toronto; (416) 322-5826

  • Safari in Tawny Fawn


Village Western, Laval, QC; (450) 628-1999

  • Boss in Brown


Henri Henri, Montreal; (514) 288-0109

  • Boss in Brown