Get Ready for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just over a week away (May 10th.) Flowers and jewelry are always nice, but David Morgan’s collection of unique items lets you give Mom a unique gift. Native American themed art is very popular. Here are three gifts designed by Native Americans from the Pacific Coast.





These notecards, designed by Marvin Oliver, show the killer whale with a raven dorsal fin, the raven holding the moon in its beak. The moon is embossed. The eagle is portrayed beneath the raven in a subdued fashion, as are the waves of the ocean.





Salad Servers

These salad servers are designed for balance and lightness. The eagle, killer whale and wolf, Corrine Hunt’s symbols for air, sea and land, are portrayed on the salad servers.





Lovebirds Necklet

This modern cross-cultural necklet is designed by Odin Lonning, a Tlingit from Juneau. This necklet displays the lovebirds, eagle and raven, in a traditional form within a heart shape.





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