Snowy Rivers with Wavy Bands on Sale

Wavy Band Snowy River

Our loss is your opportunity. We received a shipment of Snowy River hats from Australia with unacceptable ornamental bands, where the bands have a decidedly wavy shape. The quality of the fur felt hat is first rate, just the band is not up to Akubra’s high standards. Each reject hat is unique, with varying degrees of waviness. We are offering these reject hats at a bargain price, cheap enough that you may purchase one of our hand braided leather hat bands to replace the faulty band.

The Snowy River is a pre-creased stockman’s hat from Akubra, a classic Australian outback hat. It has a pinched telescope crown and a brim with rolled sides with front and back turned down. This enduring outback style may be worn over the eyes or well back on the head in typical Australian fashion. The crown is 4 inches high. The brim is 3¼ inches wide, with a raw edge. The pure fur felt is Akubra’s Imperial Quality. The hat is fully lined and has a wavy bonded leather ornamental band (on these reject hats) and chin strap hooks set inside the crown for easy attachment of a chin strap. Reeded roan leather sweatband. UPF rating 50+. Made in Australia. Limited to stock on hand.

David Morgan Through the Years

With David’s passing, it has given us pause to look back at our company throughout the years. David Morgan began as Austral Enterprises in 1962. Many items that found their way into the catalog began as unique items that David and Dorothy found in Wales. (David spent much time there over the years and could speak Welsh. He was a staunch advocate for Welsh independence.)

The photos below were taken from a catalog in 1980. The models are usually family and friends. Enjoy this blast from the past.


Welsh Fisherman’s Smock


Hickory Shirt (not the same maker of our current Hickory Shirt.)


Medical Sheepskin


The Slouch (we still carry the Slouch, and nothing has changed on this Classic.)


And nothing has changed on caring for your Akubra!

Packing Marks in a Hat

We prepare our hats so that they are protected during shipping, but sometimes the parcel can be improperly handled. When this occurs, our felt hats may receive packing marks. These will appear as white marks on the brim, next to the crown. It is very easy to fix this problem. Often a brush will remove the marks. If not, the next alternative is to use a light dusting of steam.


When steaming a hat, it’s best to use a tea kettle. The spout at the top of the kettle makes a perfect channel for the steam. In fact, most hat steamers are just glorified tea kettles. If you don’t have a tea kettle, a pot of boiling water will also work. Just make sure that you keep your hands clear of the hot steam!


Follow the simple instructions below, and you’ll have your hat free of packing marks in less than 30 seconds.


There is also a video on YouTube that you can watch.





Packing marks (over exaggerated)





A steamer. But a tea kettle works just as well.




Applying steam. Note the distance. Do not put the steam directly on the hat. 6-8 inches is a good distance.



The finished product. Total time, 15 seconds.




An Akubra Visits Machu Picchu

Akubra is made for rugged terrain. It’s no surprise that we’ve received pictures of happy customers wearing their hats from all over the world. This is our first from Peru. Our Kiandra made it all the way to Machu Picchu.


We’d love to receive more photos of you with your Akubra. Or, if you’re a little shy, just send one of the hat, as in these photographs. We’ll post it here!



Is a spirit trying to wear the hat?



Close-up showing our very-own kangaroo leather chinstrap.



Posing against a majestic background.





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